Slot machine Starburst: bonuses, tricks and jolly

Slot machine Starburst: bonuses, tricks and jolly

Starburst slot machine is one of the best virtual machines, available in many online casino sites. This slot has captured many gambling enthusiasts for the simple graphics and fantastic bonuses to activate. Playing the Starburst slot machine is very simple and in this article we propose a kind of review of the virtual machine with the main features: from the bet rate to the jolly and bonus.

All informations of Starburst slot machine

Starburst slot has special features that make it one of the most played machines. It is characterized by 5 rollers and 3 lines with different payment combinations while the main symbol is the Starburst jolly.  You can play between 1 and 10 lines with different bet values: the highest winning combination is paid on an active bet line from the left-to-right roller roller and / or the right-hand roller To the left while the multi-line winnings overlap. The good thing is that you can leverage both directions from left to right and from right to left. A special thing on slot machine online.

The main features of the Starburst slot machine

 – Main symbol: Starburst Jolly

 – It’s one of the machines that pays more

 – Multi-line winnings are compatibles.

 – Five rolls and three lines with various payment combinations.


Starburst bonus slot machines are very important for winning and jumping on the machine. It is fundamental to know what is Starburst Jolly. The symbol is the most useful and the one that pays most but presents several features:

 – It can only appear on rollers 2,3 and 4;

– During the bonus,  will expand and cover the entire roll;

 – Can activate a new free ride;

 – The bonus ends when the Wild symbols no appear.

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