Best slot machines in the world

Best slot machines in the world

Slots are in many bars, casinos and betting centers and represent one of the most popular gambling games of millions of enthusiasts. Slot machines are increasingly popular in the world and constantly find new players, who try to win real money with the various combinations and the different bonuses. In this article we list he most popular slot machines, online or bar: from Gallina to SphinxThere are several types of slot machines, here are the most commonly used devices: roller; video poker; multistation; newvideo. 

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Best slot machines in the world

Castle Builder Slot

Castle Builder slot machine online is a very interactive virtual machine with truly unique features. It has 15 payment lines and is a real game because in addition to winning combinations, the player must try to build a castle. Castle construction is the main part of the game, the most loved by fans of this slot that must win the castle materials.

Eggomatic slot

The Eggomatic slot machine is a new product of the same technology company and is inspired by the very famous Fowl Play Gold, but with its special features and rich prize money. Graphics, then, is at the forefront and gives an exciting gaming experience. You can find different surprises by activating some types of eggs that give Free Spins and Bonuses.

Fowl Play Gold Slot

The Fowl Play Gold slot machine is one of the most popular in online slots for the rich bonuses offered through golden eggs, which have made it so popular that it is renamed by Italian fans such as Gallina slot. Fowl Play Gold slot is available on the online italian casino of Merkur Win.

Starburst Slot 

Starburst slot machine is one of the best virtual machines, available in many online casino sites. This slot has captured many gambling enthusiasts for the simple graphics and fantastic bonuses to activate. Playing the Starburst slot machine is very simple. This slot is characterized by 5 rollers and 3 lines with different payment combinations.

Sphinx Slot

The Sphinx slot comes with an enviable graphics and a special generosity: it has some weaknesses that help you snoop down the machine. There are three tricks to win at the Sphinx slot: the first allows you to get the medallions in series, with the second trick we can point to a maximum combination on the slot and with the third one we can even get 400€.

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